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Wisconsin AAYFL


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    Raffle Drawing Winners

    Grand Prize Winner - Kelly Reichert

    2nd Place - Cheryl Towner

    3rd Place - David Martin

    4th - Stephanie Parish, 5th - Chad Piwoni, 6th - Sara Bonlender, 7th - Karen Wanke, 8th - Kathy Schlatter, 9th - Barbara Kluever, 10th - Amy Uhlig, 11th - Patty Nysse, 12th - Jim Otten, 13th - Greg Hahn, 14th - Joseph Gaudynski, 15th - Jessica Loser, 16th - Kay Kernats, 17th - Jeff Grotenhuis, 18th - Debbie Nigh, 19th - Brian Reichel, 20th - Nick Gassner

    Kewaskum School District Athletics

    We have a great partnership with Kewaskum School District to promote youth athletics in our community. We are proud to be part of the Team!

    All-American Youth Football League

    The Kewaskum Gridiron Club is part of the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League.

    Game @ Saukville


    2016 8th Grade Team

    2016 Dance Team

    2016 Dance Team

    Kewaskum Gridiron Board

    • President - Chad Piwoni 
    • Vice-President - Dennis “Woody” Westerman
    • Secretary - Casey Scheel
    • Treasurer - Candy McChain
    • James "Jonsey" Korth
    • Jeff Logan
    • Janine Martin
    • Kim Olson
    • Jeff Taylor


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    Sponsored by Sandpiper Inn

    Sandpiper Inn

    Visit Website

    Located at: W2992 Elmore Dr, Campbellsport, WI 53010 on Lake Bernice

    Call: 920-533-4471

    The Sandpiper has an annual Ice Golf Event and donates generously to The Kewaskum Gridiron. Please help support this business.

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    Sponsored by Hon-E-Kor Golf & Country Club

    Hon-E-Kor Golf & Country Club

    Visit Website

    Located at: 1141 Riverview Dr, Kewaskum, WI 53040

    Hon-E-Kor donates storage for our equipment & provides the location for our meetings and banquets.

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    Coaches Background Check Website

    1. Click on Kewaskum 2. Click on Coach 3. Click on Proceed

    Coaches Certification Website

    1. Create Login 2. Click on Courses on the side of the screen 3. Course and test to be completed is called Coaching Youth Football 4th Edition - PDF