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Wisconsin AAYFL


Kewaskum Gridiron Club on Social Media

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Sponsors Page

Make sure to click on the Sponsors tab to visit our Sponsors page to see the great local businesses that support the Kewaskum Gridiron Club. Please support the businesses that support our Club!

Raffle Drawing Winners 1st - 10th Places

1st - Sharon Weinreich; 2nd - Jim McChain; 3rd - Kannon Muckerheide; 4th - Brian Mack; 5th - Kellie Peterson; 6th - Jeremy Lenzendorf; 7th - Cullen Hackert; 8th - John Graf; 9th - Richard Halopka; 10th - Bob Gigstead

Raffle Drawing Winners 11th - 25th Places

11th - Wiedmeyer Service Center; 12th - Cindy Martin; 13th - Brock/Sara Bonlender; 14th - Mark Dittmar; 15th - Terry Vetter; 16th - Stacy Brzozowski; 17th - Tammy Eickermann; 18th - Joan & Jerry Reiter; 19th - Brad Schaub; 20th - Julie Steger; 21st - Kathy Buechel; 22nd - Sam & Jen Krahn; 23rd - Mike Melzer; 24th - Heidi McLean; 25th - Allen Theusch

2017 Kewaskum Gridiron Club Photos

2017 Kewaskum Gridiron Full Group Photo

2017 8th Grade Team

2017 Dance Team

2017 Dance Team

2019 Registration Opens

kewgridiron Kewaskum Gridiron kewgridiron

All-American Youth Football League

The Kewaskum Gridiron Club is part of the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League.

Kewaskum School District Athletics

We have a great partnership with Kewaskum School District to promote youth athletics in our community. We are proud to be part of the Team!

Aurora Health Care

We contract with Aurora Health Care to have a Certified Athletic Trainer at every game, and available either by phone or in person for every practice. Coaches refer reported and suspected injuries to our Athletic Trainer. The Health and Safety of our players is the organizations #1 priority.

Kewaskum Gridiron Board

  • President - Chad Piwoni
  • Vice-President - Dennis “Woody” Westerman 
  • Secretary - Casey Scheel
  • Treasurer - Candy McChain
  • James "Jonesy" Korth
  • Janine Martin
  • Kim Olson
  • Jeff Taylor

Coaches Corner

Coaches Background Check Website

1. Click on Kewaskum 2. Click on Coach 3. Click on Proceed

Coaches Certification Website

1. Create Login 2. Click on Courses on the side of the screen 3. Course and test to be completed is called Coaching Youth Football 4th Edition - PDF