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Wisconsin AAYFL


2021 Raffle Fundraiser Winners

1st Place - Sandy Pasbrig; 2nd Place - Kim Bierter; 3rd Place - Cooper Petermann; 4th Place - Jill Nitschke; 5th Place - Lana Kuehl; 6th Place - Sara Groeschel; 7th Place - Julie Korth; 8th Place - Morgan Scheel; 9th Place - Steve Kissinger; 10th Place - Jenny Dornacker; 11th Place - Paul Britz; 12th Place - Jean Becker-Cornell; 13th Place - Sara Groeschel; 14th Place - Grace Nenneman; 15th Place - Emily Anderson

Celebrating Our 25th Season

Celebrating Our 25th Season

Sponsors Page

Make sure to click on the Sponsors tab to visit our Sponsors page to see the great local businesses that support the Kewaskum Gridiron Club. Please support the businesses that support our Club!

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All-American Youth Football League

The Kewaskum Gridiron Club is part of the Wisconsin All-American Youth Football League, the premier youth football league in the state of Wisconsin.

Kewaskum School District Athletics

We have a great partnership with the Kewaskum High School Football Program & the Kewaskum School District as a whole, to promote youth athletics in our community. We are proud to be part of the Team!

Aurora Health Care

We contract with Emily Anderson of Aurora Sports Health to have a Certified Athletic Trainer at every home game & away games if the home team doesn't provide one. She is also available by either phone or in person for every practice. Coaches refer reported and suspected injuries to our Athletic Trainer. The Health and Safety of our players is the organizations #1 priority.